About Us

BCHEA is a non-profit organization that was registered in 1987 as an umbrella group to represent all home schoolers regardless of their philosophical or religious beliefs. Since inception, BCHEA has been a grassroots movement, involving individual home educators and families. BCHEA was founded to protect the individual rights of parents to choose the home education option and to conduct their child’s education according to their individual choices. (More information on the history of BCHEA.) You can see ourĀ BCHEA Constitution and Bylaws (2011) here.

BCHEA is run by a Board of Directors, comprised of both Section 12 and DL-enrolled home learning parents from throughout BC who are all committed to preserving and protecting our current homeschooling freedoms as per the School Act. BCHEA remains in contact with local support groups, individual home educators, Ministry of Education personnel, school board and Social Services offices, a variety of other agencies, as well as individuals across Canada and around the world who are interested in information on home educating.

The credibility and respect that BCHEA gained from the BC government has grown and been maintained over the years. Yet this high esteem also reflects back on each home educating family as government has acknowledged BCHEA’s positions that each home school is unique; that home educating, because of its tutorial format, is separate from the public and independent school systems; and that the choices in regards to children’s education are best made by the parent. BCHEA has worked hard to establish a positive relationship with the Ministry of Education. We strive to keep our communication precise and to express our concerns in a non-confrontational manner, yet do not hesitate to stand boldly for the rights of home educating parents to choose to educate their children outside of an enrolled student situation.

BCHEA’s voice of experience can be especially invaluable to those parents new to home educating or new to this province who do not have a history of the home education scene in BC. BCHEA wants to help maintain the non-intrusive atmosphere and freedom each registered home educator in BC currently enjoys. All home educating parents need to keep themselves informed of issues that will have direct bearing on their rights and capacity to home educate without intrusion or manipulation.

What We Do
Government Liaison and Representation

  • Dialogue and information to/from the Ministry of Education regarding legislation, regulations, etc., on behalf of Section 12 registered homeschool families
  • Protecting and upholding people’s rights to home educate in BC with minimal government intrustion and involvement

Public Relations

  • Providing information to local support groups, school districts, independent schools, lawyers, Ministry of Education personnel, etc.

Support and Encouragement

  • Publishes an electronic newsletter, , which anyone can subscribe to in order to keep up-to-date on home schooling issues in BC.
  • Provides information on our thorough website to help educate people in respect to BC home education laws and issues impacting home learners. BCHEA also educates the non-homeschooling community about home learning.
  • On-going communications with homeschool support groups around the province. Keeps in touch with home education organizations across Canada to glean wisdom and experience from others in their unique home education situations.

Legal Defence

  • Information and counsel to families and lawyers via our website and publications
  • Clearinghouse for raising legal defence funds for families facing legal situations related to homeschooling under Section 12, if needed