DL Programs

A Word on Distributed Learning Programs

(Also see BC Ed’s page for a quick flow-chart visual on the educational options in BC)

Distributed Learning Programs (formerly called Distributed Electronic Learning programs) are government-funded, home-based learning programs offered through some public school districts and independent schools. This article is a source of information and links for those looking into this option.

The BC Ministry of Education does not consider students enrolled in public or independent school Distributed Learning Programs (DLP’s) “homeschooled”. A DLP is “no different than a neighbourhood school, just a different delivery method”.ยน Enrolling a student in a DLP means certain obligations must be met by both the school offering the DLP and the parent facilitating the courses at home. For a full description of home-based learning options in British Columbia, please be sure to read our Educational Options in BC page.

While BCHEA supports the atmosphere of educational choice in British Columbia, we remain an advocacy group for Section 12 registered homeschoolers. We offer information regarding DLP’s in order to help parents make informed choices regarding the education of their children.

Immigrating or Travelling

DL schools are true schools, so credentials and report cards for students attending DL schools or courses are the same as for any other school. Courses are to follow the curriculum and certified teachers assess and evaluate students. We do not have an impact on how receiving jurisdictions evaluate or consider credentials from elsewhere.

For immigrants arriving in BC, the requirements to enrol in DL would be the same as for other schools. Families would need to provide evidence of residency, citizenship, visas, permits, etc. Each Board may have slightly different procedures for collecting evidence.

Ministry links regarding Distributed Learning Programs:

The Difference between Distance Education and Home Schooling in BC – Ministry of Ed. page showing the distinct difference between registered homeschooling and enrollment in a distance ed/DL program.

Distance Education Policies – all public school DLP’s must abide by these policies

DL Programs in BC – Ministry page listing current DLP’s with website links for each program for which they are available.

Independent School DLP’s – under the jurisdiction of the Inspector of Independent Schools. Note that slightly different policies and regulations apply to independent school DLP’s. This page includes general info and a link to the actual policies, as well.

1. Tanya Twynstra, Manager, Distance Education and Online Learning Unit, June 11, 2004 – “Register or Enroll?” session, BCHSCA Home Education Convention, Surrey, BC.