Why become a member of the BCHEA?

  • Do you value the freedom to homeschool your children in the natural setting of the family?
  • Do you value the option to create a learning plan with and for your child without government or teacher involvement?
  • Do you value the ability to tailor your educational plan to the passions of your children and the goals of your family?
  • Do you value your children being able to grow as learners according to their own individual developmental timelines without comparison to others or being subjected to standardized tests?

Join with the BCHEA and families throughout British Columbia to promote and protect our freedom to homeschool under Section 12 of the BC School Act!

All individuals are welcome to become members of the BCHEA, regardless of philosophy, belief, other affiliations, or decision to register or enroll.

Please click here for our online Membership Form

Membership fee now by donation! To strengthen our membership base, and ensure that every family committed to maintaining the registration option for home education in British Columbia can be a part of our organization, the BCHEA has decided to set aside membership fees for now. We feel that this is crucial, as our organization currently does not have as large a percentage of those choosing the registration option in our membership as we would like. If cost is standing in the way of any family, we wish to remove that obstacle.

On the other hand, running an organization, even one that is staffed entirely by volunteers, does take money. Therefore, we ask that people who are able to do so replace their membership fee with a donation to the organization. The membership form indicates how members can choose to donate, and in our newsletters we will remind people of the importance of supporting our work financially.

Although we suggest a donation amount of $25, every donation, regardless of size, is greatly appreciated.

The BCHEA is a registered non-profit society, however, we do not have charitable status. Even though your generous donation is not tax deductible, please be assured that the BCHEA appreciates the funds and will put them to use supporting the option to register in BC.

Membership with BCHEA runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 of the next year. Each member is welcome to attend our Annual General Meeting, and one vote per membership is granted at that meeting. With no membership fees, you can easily choose to sign up additional adult members in your household.

Our Constitution and Bylaws are now current (as of June, 2011) and have been properly filed with the BC Societies Registrar. You can find a copy of them here: BCHLA Constitution and Bylaws 2011

Please read the About Us section if you need more information about BCHEA.

What does your membership do?

  • BCHEA regularly communicates with BC Ministry of Education officials. A large membership helps give political strength and leverage in our political representations and demonstrates to the government that home learning families do care about preserving their current freedoms.
  • Membership donations help to offset costs associated with running the organization, participating in home learning conferences, communicating with members via the BCHEA E-News and the 1-800 number, maintaining the website, printing brochures and other helpful materials, and the day to day costs of operating a society.

By joining the BCHEA, you are helping to promote and protect home education freedoms in British Columbia for all families. Thank you for your support.